Saturday, October 30, 2010

On the Vitality of Quebec Separatism

In Today's Gazette, you'll find a column from Don MacPherson on the current state of the PQ leadership.  The subject is as old as the party itself: PQ members are sniping at Pauline Marois.  In fact, it is the usual cabal of jealous and impatient peckerheads: Yves "some of my best friends are jewish" Michaud, Jacques "money and the ethnic vote" Parizeau and Bernard "red rags" Landry.

None of these stalwarts find Pauline separatist enough.   Pointedly, they praise Duceppe's separatist-ness.

The story is unremarkable deja-vu except one thing:

Parizeau and Michaud, each 80 years old, team up with 70-something Landry to bash 60-something Marois in hopes that 60-something Duceppe will take over the reigns.  On the horizon, there's a couple of "young wolves" who might displace Duceppe.  Bernard Drainville is the most ambitious "young wolf."  The age of the "young wolf"?  47!!!

Forty-seven is not old.  But the only place where you could call a 47 year old man a "young wolf" is in a retirement home.  Or, apparently, the Parti Quebecois.

Duceppe, Marois, Parizeau, Landry, Michaud: a gaggle of geezers that should be fighting over lawn bowling and bingo cards.  Or maybe they should move to Florida and see if they can get a trailer park of senior-owned mobile homes declared its own country.

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