Monday, March 14, 2011

Bloc-quing a spring election

If anyone should stop a spring election from happening, it is the Bloc Quebecois.  You can read the argument between the lines of this Chantal Hebert column.

The Bloc has no advantage to gain through an election.  They can do, at beast, little in terms of seat count or, in terms of raison d'etre, advancing separatism. 

The downside, however, happens on day 18 of the campaign, when Quebeckers realize that the Harper regime will swallow up another 20 seats and be the majority government of Canada.  Suddenly, the Bloc Quebecois is at most an irritating rash on the Canadian skin.  Chantal Hebert hides this point in her column, maybe because she doesn't want to scare the Bloc into avoiding the election.  Because Quebeckers won't figure out the future flaccidity of the Bloc Quebecois in a majority government scenario too late.  It will be Day 18. 

Fun to mention: Duceppe is in his third decade as a major political figure in Canadian politics.  This is historic proportions and I think lovers of Canada should pay tribute to his contribution to the richness and stability of Canadian political life.