Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Canada's Yellow Revolution

It is so much fun to contemplate waking up next Tuesday to a Jack Layton government. Okay, granted it won't be Tuesday, it will be a few days after the first Throne Speech.

Jack Layton, as official opposition, will be asked by the GG to try and win the confidence of the house.

The rump Bloc will support the NDP. And, as we have seen this week, demand only that Layton make good on his campaign promises re: Quebec, in return.

The Liberals have a choice. Support the Conservatives in a coalition. Support the NDP in a coalition.

The NDP can win the Liberals over by offering, say, 3 cabinet positions to the Liberals. Maybe the Dipper's will have to thrown in re-branding some spending program as the "Education Passport".

Not all Liberals will like this deal and their protest will manifest itself in the form of some MPs (e.g., Scott Brison). However, it won't be enough to overcome the Layton-Liberal-Bloc coalition deal.

For Liberals, this is the best option available. They have submit to the NDP in order to match their actions to their words (i.e., remove Harper at all costs); while doing so, they have to pray for Layton to fuck everything up.

And the NDP would fuck everything up.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sun News, Day 1

Seinfeld, the Simpsons, Chuckercanuck. Three things that sucked in their early days.

Sun News TV's debut was not Hoover-scaled sucky, but it wasn't a Peter Jackson fantasy epic either.

See, I thought it was great that the various hosts lined up to tell us how bad Lybia's dictactor is and that Jeb Bush is going to be interviewed in the coming days. I chuckled over the bit about the porn-star school secretary. And, I hear, Ezra Levant went all Prophet Mohammed cartoon on us. Real right-wing shock.

However, outside the Sun News TV studio, Canada is having an election. It seems to me that this election is worth a couple of minutes of air time.

The only election talk I heard was an endless loop of Liberal commercials telling me that Stephen Harper makes challah bread with the blood of young liberals.

So, at 8 pm, I turned to Don Martin and CTV because, unlike the Sun, they recognized that Canadians might, just might, want to talk about the election. At least I did.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rise up! Rise Up Canada!

Nothing Stephane Dion ever did was ever as sublime as this.

If anything ever killed a candidate's chances, this is it.  And, salt to the wound, when Iggy looked for revolutionary inspiration, he chose yankee Bruce Springsteen - probably because he wasn't around when the Parachute Club released its opus on the world.

Of course, Parachute Club's Rise Up is Jack Layton's favorite song (I am not making that up).