Saturday, October 23, 2010

Confessions of an NPR supporter

This week, NPR dumped Juan Williams because he publicly confessed that he was scared by folks decked out in Muslim-wear when riding a plane.

Well, fire me before I get hired because I agree with Williams.  Sure, I know that a guy with a beard as long as his robe isn't likely to want to blow my plane up.   But maybe he hates me like a guy in dockers never will.  And likely, he thinks I'm doomed to burn in hell for my infidelity anway.

Still, he's free to dress the way he wants.  I ain't stopping him from riding the plane with me.

But I'm not free to be scared?  Yes.  I am free to be scared.  I just shouldn't admit it.  Airing out our fears is sooo counter-productive - even bigoted.  The road to understanding lies in repression.  Every Wasp knows that.

Dress how you want.  Let me judge you for it.  Afterall, some people judge me by how they dress.  The Niqab - that toe to crown gown with a mesh slit for the eyes - is a judgement.  When a woman dons the niqab, she says: "you men are all Colonel Williams.  You sex pigs.  You become a perverted beserker at the sight of my neck!"

Meanwhile, I am not hiring a Goth to babysit my kids.  Quick, call the human rights commission!

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