Friday, October 15, 2010

You just took the first step to making your life better

By visiting this blog, you have done what countless others wish they would do everyday but only a handful actually do: you said "yes" to life. 

Maybe I can't help you lose weight.  Maybe your blood pressure needs a pill and not me.  Maybe your family's happiness depends on much more than what you'll find in this blog.  Heck, maybe this blog will actually make your family's happiness worse.  I probably can't help you make any more money or win praise at work.

Those, my friends, are just details.  You've tried everything else.  Healthy living, board games, Anthony Robbins tapes, the latest garlic peeling gadget.  None of it made a dent, did it?  That's why you're here.  In another age, Donald Rumsfeld would call you a "dead-ender".  There are no other options but this spot.

You need me like you need a placebo.  But when there's no cure for what's bugging you, a placebo is just what you need.

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