Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Obligatory 2012 predictions

Sarah Palin has no chance.  That seems like an overstatement but what happened in Alaska is the harbinger. 

Rand Paul sounds loopy.  He gave a victory speech that was a trick of boring anger.  He promised to go to the senate and lecture everybody - childish and a little solipsistic.

Marco Rubio rocks.  Sharpen up his rhetoric and he will mop the floor with Obama in 2012.  Put a governor on the ticket to guarantee victory.

Obama should pull a Gerald Ford and not run for a second term.  His disastrous presidency seems impossible to repair over the next year.

Even if Obama does run, he should be challenged.  Democrats cannot offer up another serving of a slightly slicker Stephane Dion.  Hillary Clinton would win the primary challenge and she would be very difficult to beat in the generals. 

And if Obama wins the nomination, Hillary should run as an independent.

So, 2012 predictions:

Hillary-Bloomberg vs. Rubio-Christie.

Rubio-Christie win 51% - 49%.


  1. Yesterday was a good reality check -- eccentric conservatives get beat, but solid unapologetic conservatives win!

    Paul is a good choice for the Senate for the very reason he shouldn't be president -- you always want a hardcore libertarian in the room to argue why we oughtn't to do something.

    Love Rubio but fear he could be our Obama. Want to see him at work for a bit.

    Love Sarah, but I saw voters flee from kooky candidates they agree more with for the old familiar ones.

    It was a useful lesson to learn, and Tea Party types needed to see it for themselves and not just take the word of the establishment.

    For an example of a great Tea Party guy, look at the guy who just beat Feingold in Wisconsin. Or the Utah senator replacing Bob Bennett...

  2. I have to smile at the hissing arrogance of "neo-con" popular columnist for the New York Times, David Brooks, who last Friday at PBS Newshour said that Obama was so weak right now that "Even I could take him."

    Nice work if you can get it, scribbler.
    It takes royal jelly, and up there in East Side New York, you ain't got it.

  3. Hell with it. None of our top guys have charisma.

    Go with Rubio with a talented governor as veep.