Monday, October 25, 2010

Calgary last week. Toronto today. Canada has entered the Bizarro world.

So, Toronto picks the chub-master.  And the tradition of loony mayors in Hogtown continues. 

I know my lefty comrades probably don't consider David Miller loony: he's a dour, puritanical, ahem, "social democrat".  But even in his shades of grey colourlessness, David Miller was a loony.  He had French visions of a social order built on puff pastry and whipped cream fantasies.  The reason you Torontonians couldn't see the folly is that you were all caught up with it.  It fit so nicely in a Jeffrey Simpson column, you thought it would look terrific in the Mayor's office.  Instead, it pretty much looked like a big, heaping pile of stinking garbage.

Now, Angry Suburbanite takes over.  Good on ya', Toronto.  You beat the Yankee tea-baggers by a week.  You are the continental trendsetters, my friends.  Some days, it won't work out so well.  While I doubt this new mayor will be walking the Gay Parade next to a man with his bum hanging out of chaps or debating whether or not city workers should have 26 versus 27 sick days a year.  But, maybe he'll worry about cannibals on an official visit to Africa or one of those far-off tropical islands.   Who knows what it is, but to be sure it is coming.  Still, it will be worth those wince-makers.  Toronto's gettin' an early spring cleaning.

As for me, Tarkwell Robotico, I must confess some sadness.  As many of you know, I have been a huge supporter of John Letonja since he first announced his intention to run.  Lots of people said Letonja was splitting the vote, letting Rob Ford come up the middle.  But Letonja had the vision for Toronto that made me exclaim, "yes we can."  Turns out, we can't; he couldn't.  Letonja 2014!!

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  1. Bravo, Tarkwell!

    As a denizen of Ville du Cochons, I think you have finally shed a light on our fog/smogbound city.