Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stephen Harper - Colossus

On National Newswatch, the Liberals have a banner ad that reads: "the video Stephen Harper doesn't want you to see".  It takes you to an infomercial about Michael Ignatieff and his orgasmic vision for Canada.  I reviewed it some days back and second viewings only confirm first impressions: crap about a guy who mmakes Stephen Hawking look physically imposing.

The jury is out: Stephen Harper doesn't mind you seeing the video.  In fact, after you watch the infomercial, if you tell a friend about it, Stephen Harper will send you a kitchen knife that cuts through metal pipes just for the word of mouth advertising.

It will get worse.  The polls don't capture public reaction to the stunning results of latest Auditor Generals' report which conclude by lauding the stimulus program executed by the government.  Titanic sums of cash dropped in a flash of time without a whiff of putrid play about it.  That's good for a couple of points, n'est-ce-pas?

Stephen Harper will never be liked the way college kids dream of President Obama.  Stephen Harper has always been boring.  President Obama is nouveau-boring; recently joining the ranks.  Likewise, Stephen Harper will never be disliked the way most of us have come to dislike President Obama.  As rigidly ideological both men are, Stephen Harper has displayed vastly greater intellectual flexibility than President Obama seems capable of fathoming. 

The floor of support Stephen Harper has is 30 inch slab of concrete.  By the time his legacy can be summed, the slab will be a good 60 inches.

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