Saturday, October 16, 2010

Did Toyota pay for its product placement in Iggy's ad?

Iggy's latest personal journal can be viewed over at Calgary Grit where, predictably, the Grit is swooning.

Me, Torkwell Robitco, I am creeped out.

Not just because in the shot of Iggy hugging an old lady, Iggy's shoulders are tinier than hers (he's what, 110 pounds?).  That's not fair, his lentil diet has nothing to do with it - she was a former Roughriders linebacker in her youth.

No, its mainly because he says he never admired his father more than when his father looked after his ailing mother.  Really?  Family is just so, so important to Iggy.  Just not the family he deserted when he found his "soul mate".  Can you picture one of Iggy's children, a couple of decades down the road, running for the Liberals, saying in a whispy, philosophical tones, "I never admired my dad more than when he dumped my frumpy mother for a hot hungarian with a tongue that ties cherry stems in nots."  I doubt it.

Then he slams "career politicians" because they are such a gross class of people.  You know, folks like Liberal premier Jean Charest.  Or maybe former Ontario premier and bigwig Liberal Bob Rae.  Even Jean Chretien.  Career politicians.

As a right-wing fanatic, I am pleased to see the Liberal party leader impugn and repudiate Jean Chretien.

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  1. Nice of Iggy to remind us that he's been out of the country for so long and is just now back trying to be the next PM even though he obviously hates being in Ottawa.

    Yeah, that's what we need. Sheesh.