Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Laden. Dead.

Lunatic slaughterer of innocence, Bin Laden will be best remembered for his unabashed use of beard dye and preference for living in caves with smelly men perenially shouting.

For the death of death salesmen, attention will be paid - lots of celebration but renewed vigilance as well. More lunatics are out there, they meet each in secret places to compare beards and plot world conquest. They don't think much of their life which is why they think none of yours and mine. We remain at risk and on guard.

We also must acknowledge the excellent job in terms of fighting terrorism that President Obama has done. It cements, I think, his re-election in 2012. And it presents, shortly and in his second term, his opportunity to be a transformational president. Needless to say, both in Obama's performance and Osama bin Laden's death, GWB is smiling.


  1. So glad he's dead. I saw this morning "Bin Laden, World Hide and Seek Champ 2001-2011, Dead", ha ha ha. And I thought I was witty when I said, "Osama Bin Better."

    Thought of you last night when I got a frantic call just-before-bed... stayed up to watch President's address.

    I thought there'd be a heated week or more of passionate debate over what to do with the body! Guess not ha ha

    I guess it's a smart idea. Nobody can ever dig up/find the body for purposes, it's an international zone, "burial at sea" is 'forgettable' enough to satisfy many, yet 'dignified' enough to satisfy many. Unprovokative and final and decisive and without fanfare.

    Best news I've heard in a decade. Wish I'd seen him go.

    Anyway good luck tonite! I predict a cliffhanger, impossible to call countdown, til late. Hopefully before midnite tho.

  2. Congrats Robotico; Harper is a Superman to have gotten this far. So is Jack, really -- it's the best outcome, two respected and appreciated leaders in Ottawa. Great election!