Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Canada's Yellow Revolution

It is so much fun to contemplate waking up next Tuesday to a Jack Layton government. Okay, granted it won't be Tuesday, it will be a few days after the first Throne Speech.

Jack Layton, as official opposition, will be asked by the GG to try and win the confidence of the house.

The rump Bloc will support the NDP. And, as we have seen this week, demand only that Layton make good on his campaign promises re: Quebec, in return.

The Liberals have a choice. Support the Conservatives in a coalition. Support the NDP in a coalition.

The NDP can win the Liberals over by offering, say, 3 cabinet positions to the Liberals. Maybe the Dipper's will have to thrown in re-branding some spending program as the "Education Passport".

Not all Liberals will like this deal and their protest will manifest itself in the form of some MPs (e.g., Scott Brison). However, it won't be enough to overcome the Layton-Liberal-Bloc coalition deal.

For Liberals, this is the best option available. They have submit to the NDP in order to match their actions to their words (i.e., remove Harper at all costs); while doing so, they have to pray for Layton to fuck everything up.

And the NDP would fuck everything up.


  1. There is a gremlin on my shoulder who is saying, "if you even touch the word yellow, I'm going to pitchfork you and give you a case of bursitis you won't soon forget."

  2. I was getting pretty scared -- but I think the prime minister's got himself a second wind now. (Friday midnight.)

    Gave a great speech at his Brampton rally about fighting the people who want to hike taxes.

    So I think he'll keep his job, after all.

  3. Do you think that there will be enough Liberals to make up 3 cabinet posts?