Thursday, May 5, 2011

Simmer down, Dippers. And Get to Work

This is one narrative that Liberals are drooling to exploit. In practical terms, the Dipper caucus would not be ready to take on its duties by mid-May (imagine if they had won government!). Probably they won't really be ready until September. But they themselves should shut up about that and take whatever short term drubbing the wounded lion Liberals will inflict.

The Tories went through it in 2006 - people had a field day (Andrew Coyne voted Liberal because of the Emerson affair!). And, it turned out pretty good for us. Like, as good as it could ever have been if you aim to build something that lasts past you.

Canadians expect a few giggles at your expense with this young caucus. But they are not bad-natured giggles. Take the lumps with a smile and get to work immediately. By the time it matters, these stories will become marks of fondness for Canadians. Take Maxime Bernier for example: the nation pines for him in cabinet and the only knock on him is he got dumped so the gorgeous girlfriend won't be v-necking her way through photo ops.


  1. From the internet:

    Thomas "UFO" Mulcair
    (as in, unidentified-flying-Osama)

    Jacques "The Crotch" Layton
    (or simply, "Crotch" Layton)


    (The scene: Jacques and Orivia embrace after a surprising NDP showing on election night.)

    Jacques “The Crotch” Layton : “You know Baby, now that we’re the Official Opposition, all of you NDP Chicks — and Lizzie — will have to begin shaving your bums.”

    Orivia : “You mean shaving our butts, or our husbands and boyfriends?”

    “Crotch” Layton : “Yes … both.”

  2. Adolph,

    Raus! On appel gehen!