Thursday, January 13, 2011

By the pricking of my thumbs, someting Palin this way comes

Our man Tiger has links to Sarah Palin's facebook video.  She posted it yesterday as a "response" to the Arizona political assasination over the weekend.

Tiger may find what she has to say rationally compelling, let me tell you what Tarkwell thinks:

I think Sarah Palin would rip a suckling baby from her breast and bash its brains out if it would make her King.

She scares the be-jeezus out of me. Not because her head is full of scary right-wing ideas; like Tiger, I accept her basic premises and most conclusions.  But words aren't everything.  Timing, delivery, circumstance - the context matters too.  In those things, ambition, lust and greed can be unmasked.

A politician has survived an assasination attempt.  Many bystanders did not.

Just like it is wrong to apportion some guilt from the crazy bastard's acts on Sarah Palin; it is wrong for Sarah Palin to apportion some victim-ness from the crazy bastard's acts.  But that's just what Sarah Palin is doing - using the occasion to point out how mean people have been to HER. 

A weak and prickly person is a weak and prickly president.

Further, one of the sickest displays possible is rehearsed remorse.  There was a chilling roboticism to her address - it was so bad, even Tarkwell Robotico could have looked more sincere.  In the "grieving" half of the speech, Palin gives this weird, non-sequiter smile when she talks about the United States: she's reminding us all that she loves her country the way simple country folk love old and loyal horses.  Victims get a shrug, the United States gets a wink and a nod; real emotion only barely surfaces when Palin finally gets to talking about her favorite subject, Palin.

A robotic and solipsistic person is a robotic and solipsistic president.

Sarah Palin cannot be president.  She is weak, prickly, robotic and solipsistic. 

Her advisors a idiot boobs who, if they had any sense, would have told her to shut up and take the cheap roughing up at the hands of the usual slithering pricks in silence. The adivsors should have told her to stick to grief and maybe say a kind word about the Rep. Giffords.  Look human, they should have shouted!

Instead,she  turned Andrew Sullivan's lunatic ravings about her into prescient forewarnings.


  1. An honest and heartfelt observation by a Canadian conservative! Well written, Tarkwell!

    BTW, Is Ezra Levant still your favourite pundit? :)

    Next month, he will be on SUN TV here, doing a Bill O'Reilly in Canada, though he insists he is not Bill O'Reilly and has a purely Canadian take on things. But then he insists that Canadians ignore the CBC and such preachy "Canadian" channels, opting instead for CNN and Fox News down south.

    One quotes Samuel Morse:
    "What God has wrought."

  2. Tarkwell, are you trying to say that her boobs are her advisors, or that her advisors are boobs?
    In any case, I couldn't agree with you more.