Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2012: The Year of Right-Wing Miracles

Last weak, news leaked that President Obama and Prime Minister Harper were secretly negotiating a step towards something I have long advocated: eliminated the border between Canada and the United States.

Our opposition, led by celebrity academic Michael Ignatieff, is confused - nay, wounded - that the government hasn't come clean with them on the secret negotiations.  Iggy asks, "Why does this government want to impose a secret agreement on Canadians without debate? What do they have to hide?"

Here's what's hiding in plain sight Iggy: a campaign platform.  A big idea.  A majority-making move from the government.  Canada is not a land of Maude Barlows, just because she reacts to the idea like its wheat gluten don't mean the rest of us are as allergic. 

Get ready, Iggy, for Campaign 2012.  Its polarizing.  Its a big idea.  And here's the fun-nest of all:

Obama will be campaigning FOR the deal.  You and your Obama-worshippers will not only be fighting Tories - you'll be spitting venom the great O's way.

No wait, there's something even more fun about Campaign 2012:

You.  Today, you were about a deal to ease border congestion in terms of our charter rights.  You lived there.  In Boston.  I'm not making this up.  You were not so worried about your own charter rights and you weren't just crossing the border - you were setting roots in that evil, charter-usurping land.  If Beantown works for you, how come I'm not allowed a hassle free visit?

No leader in the history of the Liberal party is as badly positioned to play the hysterical, anti-Yank card than Iggy Ignatief.

Big Idea.  Obama's backing.  Iggy's inauthenticity.  We's in grand slam country now.


  1. Well, I used to do some college teaching at Senescent Collage of Applied Arse and Irrelevancy.
    Still, you had to get into teaching.
    I found it takes a little charisma to keep student's eyes from glazing.

    ...To even use humour.

    It is hard to watch a turnip.

    Mr.Ignatieff needs a shtick.

    Ignatieff as a stand -up comedian?

    The mind boggles.

  2. Canada and the US, pre-1965, effectively did have no border, except for economic stuff.

    People flowed naturally.

    If this restores it to that, well and good. Though that takes away from my privileged dual citizen status...

  3. Oops! I just saw Mr. Ignatieff on This Hour Has 22 Minutes. It was a passable performance.

    Happy New Year, Tarkwell.

  4. Is this for real?

    I'd be excited to return to pre-1965 borders... I'm not sure I'm reading that in the link.

    However, please, let MI have retired by 2012....

  5. Oh, mostly wanted to say: Happy 2011, Robotico