Monday, January 24, 2011

TV Shows and TV Ads (Liberal ones, both)

From Yankeeland, they piped into my tv a preview of the show that will replace Parker-Spitzer on CNN:  Spitzer-Steele.  Michael Steele is unemployed, Kathleen Parker is a dud.  Swap the two and you have the spectacle of too obnoxious men trying to out-obnoxious one another.  That's basically a distillation of the finest moments in the history of reality television.  If CNN didn't realize this before hand, it should by now and their lawyer's should be drafting a contract with Michael Steele's lawyers.

Meanwhile, I got to end my twenty minutes of telly with a couple of anti-Harper ads from the Liberals.  From the gist of the ads, Liberals expect a revolution over fighter jets and corporate tax cuts.  As always, Liberals are charging to defeat before anyone started playing.

Individually, neither of these issues are obvious wins for Liberals.  Fighter jets fly over wide expanses of arctic.  Making the fighter jets an issue plays into Conservative hands by reminding voters that the government is acting on the citizenry's top priorities. While Liberals will look empty-mouthed when it comes to our foreign policy worries.  Meanwhile, giving Canada kick ass corporate tax rates will pull in additional foreign investment and keep a greater portion of our own capital at work here at home.  Liberals, by contesting the corporate tax cuts, look wilfully clueless about the foundations of job creation.

Together, these issues point to another problem.  These two issues are about as stale as bread in a rue Prince Arthur restaurant. Tories have been long-term planning military assets for half a decade now.  The vision to have hyper-competitive corporate tax rates has been in the wind for at least the last three years.  Liberals have to go back into the archives to raise a couple of issues from the dead? 

The ads both end with the question: is this your Canada?  Or Harper's?  My answer, yes. 

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  1. Damn well writen, Tarkwell, Though I think that for once Mr. Ignatieff has shown some balls in not once again bowing to the fat cats--at our tax expense.