Friday, January 28, 2011

Settle Science, Unsettle Planet

I share two links that should not be overlooked:

Warm Water flowing into the Arctic.

Hymalayan glaciers aren't melting, afterall.

So the science is settled.  Marge Atwood could sing it to you to the tune of "Your so Vain".  But the song is actually about her.

There is a slice of people at any time and place in human experience that feels the evils and horrors of the world are directly connected to our moral crimes.  We commit these crimes whenever we stray from that slice's strictures for good living.  As with global warmers this time, inevitably, the bullshit blows up in their face.

This was never a call to guzzle gas or make believe about dinosaur bones.  Only a plea to accept one unforgiving, unrelenting fact of life: change happens.  Islands sink.  Glaciers melt.  Some summers burn a little more than others.  Rain clouds shift.  Rivers carve.  Mountains crumble.  My greasy body, if the timing is perfect and the compression sufficient, will power some future subaru a mile or so.  Or not.


  1. The Poles are shifting. Very soon,the North pole will be very nearly in Siberia. Sarah Palin will be able to see it from her front porch. "Ooh. It looks kinda striped, like a barber's pole," she might observe.
    Seriously, has anybody taken into account that the North Pole travels Southward towards the Bering Strait at about a thousand metres a year?

    Also, Eric the Red,( more anarchist than communist), started Greenland, which was almost balmy and farmable in about 1,000 A.D.
    There seemed to be something like global warming then, but warmer.
    Could it be the the bitch La Nina has been resposible for all this?
    La Nina and Eric the Red.
    Oh baby!

  2. Tarkwell,

    I am suddenly reminded of what an editor told me when I lost all other freelance conracts but his.

    "Am I the only guy paying you?

    Like I mean comments over here.

    Where he hell is everybody?

    You depressed or something?

    I'ts lonesome at the top. :)

  3. Doesn't post often enough...

    And it isn't election season.