Monday, December 6, 2010

Miracles of Science, The Al-Quaeda Edition

Like any organization in a globalized, competitive landscape, Al-Quaeda devotes an important part of its budget to advancing science and technology.  Medical innovation is a cornerstone of Al-Quaeda's mission and its ambition in that field rivals the Mayo Clinic.

News that Al-Quaeda is working diligently on yet another leap in human medical knowledge should surprise no one.  If the Nobel Prize in medicine weren't so biased in favour of life-promoting medicine and against death ennobling medicine, the devoted doctors of Al-Quaeda would be collecting them the way they collect body parts from failed and successful experiments.


  1. Terrific set of blogs, Tarkwell.
    Glad you have been taken under the wing of blogging Conservatives.
    But I sure miss the others from your old political blog, which shall remain nameless.

    Sure miss all the characters. Crazed Nazis, Lesbian foot fetishists, assorted Ukrainian characters standing around lookng confused, New Zealand kamikaze surfers, yelling if you don't like us, "Sierra Mike Charlie!

    Ah, sometimes I think the good old days are gone forever. :)

  2. Stockholm seems to underscore your point.