Friday, December 3, 2010

Joining the Club that would Have Me as a Member: Blogging Tories

In my first act as a member of the Blogging Tories, let me welcome myself to the Blogging Tory family.  Getting selected as a Blogging Tory was a gruelling process like nothing I have experienced before.

I believe the hardest part of making the cut was the alien probe.  It seems, ever since wikiLeaks, our supreme leader Karplak of Planet 4 is mighty paranoid about us going off message. So he's ordered thought-control implants for his conservative army.  Aliens, it turns out, have no bedside manner.

The fitness tests were what you might expect: thirty push-ups under a minute and a 7 minute mile. 

We also had a house inspector who came to measure the density of Stephen Harper images in our house decoration.  Since his portrait hangs in basically everyone room, I scored high on that part of the test.

1 comment:

  1. Careful, Tarkwell.

    I have heard it said around Ryerson Polytech, where I was a pledge at the Rho Alpha Kappa fratenity,
    that you have to go down on all the brothers to get the pin.