Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sun News, Day 1

Seinfeld, the Simpsons, Chuckercanuck. Three things that sucked in their early days.

Sun News TV's debut was not Hoover-scaled sucky, but it wasn't a Peter Jackson fantasy epic either.

See, I thought it was great that the various hosts lined up to tell us how bad Lybia's dictactor is and that Jeb Bush is going to be interviewed in the coming days. I chuckled over the bit about the porn-star school secretary. And, I hear, Ezra Levant went all Prophet Mohammed cartoon on us. Real right-wing shock.

However, outside the Sun News TV studio, Canada is having an election. It seems to me that this election is worth a couple of minutes of air time.

The only election talk I heard was an endless loop of Liberal commercials telling me that Stephen Harper makes challah bread with the blood of young liberals.

So, at 8 pm, I turned to Don Martin and CTV because, unlike the Sun, they recognized that Canadians might, just might, want to talk about the election. At least I did.


  1. I'll just say this.

    1. The Sun people don't want to be accused of being a wing of the Tory war room.

    2. The wonderful thing is, the other journalists have competition now and feel obliged to up their game. And so we see stuff like Peter Mansbridge spitting Michael Ignatieff like a pig on live television over the coalition/pact/accord/issue-by-issue replacement of Harper question.

  2. I find myself flipping a lot too.

  3. I leave it on all day for the dog (and to skew any ratings for Shaw) and if there isn't something on that I want to watch, it's also on Sun. I want to see the CBC heads explode when the ratings come out.

  4. Hi Robotico,

    Duceppe is honest????


    I agree with everything you say. He's kind of deluded in that respect.

    Everyone has their quirks, right? I can deal with his separatism because they'll never win.

    In regards to dealing with other politicians, I find him honest. I may simply not get enough coverage on him, but he seems to function highly without the exagerration and hyberbole of most politicians. He seems to go on facts rather than emotions. Aside from his separatism, which I can live with, he seems ideally suited to government. I often whimsically wish he'd run for Liberal leader.

  5. I used to work with the SUN guys, and I must say, on balance, that I kind of like the crazy bastards. I don't know Ezra Levant but I softened toward him when I found out he is not a Tory...Also one hell of an entertaining loudmouth.

    But what the hell. There had been a Fox hunt. I can see it as a cartoon, FOX hunt in full progress. Bre'er Beck running for cover in Canada, finally finding Winnipeg, burrying into Portage and Main-- and now just his bushy tail sticking out of the flood.
    But Winnipeg can be surprisingly hip. Did they not harbour
    John William's prototype of The Rocky Horror Picture Show?
    He had called his own film masterpiece movie Phantom of the Paradise. Someone ripped it off and called it The Rocky Horror Picture show.... Only Winnipeg kept the talented Williams from going broke! And then some New Yorker ripped him off...But not to worry.Williams makes more in a week than Jeff Back these days.
    But look, seems to me that all the outright assholes from Fox are being purged. They now have nowhere to go.
    ...So how about Canada?
    Salvation! Here come the SUN!