Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Comedy is Canada's Nuclear Stockpile

I have spent most of this week in one of Dante's circles of hell, Las Vegas.  And I am late to the party with news in this great white north.  But I caught this story about anecdote highlights from G. W. Bush's book, Decision Points.

Our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, contributes to that short-list of top gems in the president's memoirs.  The other prime ministers, Chretien and Martin, have much more ignoble presences in the book.  Oops.  Paul Martin wasn't in the book.  Chretien is mentioned once for being rude.

Stephen Harper gets a line in at par with the best of Letterman or Leno in a document that will stand as important history in the United States for generations.  Wicked cool, Mr. Prime Minister.


  1. Once again, a la high school:

    Life if a tale, told by an idiot...

  2. Hey,

    I didn't mean to clear out the room.

    This is a Conservative site.

    Bush speaks well of you. :)